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10/29 Green Bar
Lilley 7-8:30

11/5 Troop Meeting
Lilley 7-8:30

11/12 Troop Meeting
Lilley 7-8:30

11/13 Shopping
ShopRite 7pm

11/19 Green Bar
Lilley 7-8:30

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» Community Service

Good Turn for America
Total Service Hours by
The Scouts of Troop 184
2006 - 1,346 Hours
2007 - 1,459 Hours
2008 - 1,160 Hours
2009 - 771 Hours
2010 - 499 Hours
2011 - 922 Hours
2012 - 1,654 Hours
2013 - 1,456 Hours


» Roster
Senior Leadership
Nick - SPL 

Mark D. - ASPL
Andrew - ASPL

Gabe - Instructor
Cory - PL
Mike S
Sean D - APL
David F.

Timmy - PL-Scribe
Mike B
Zak L. - QM
Liam - APL-Scribe
Dev - Librarian
Austin D. - Guide

Treven - Instructor
Austin Y. - APL-Guide
Ian K. - Bugler
Danny Mac - PL

Matt A.
Charlie - PL
Michael T. - Chaplain
Sean S. - QM
Chris K 
Max - APL
Alex M.
Nick S.

Will - PL
Eric W. - APL
Matt M.
Matt D.
David B.

Nick - PL-Chaplain
Michael V - APL
Michael H.
Sean T.
Matt S.

» Eagle's Nest

James R. Phil T.
Patrick B.Jack G.
James G.Thomas G. 
Harry S.Nick P.
Alex D.Steve Q.   
Anthony N.Robert S.
Mitch C.Andrew C.
George M.Matt G.
John E. Robert S.
Chris V.Stephen P.
Corey D.Sean F.
Scott P. Erick T.
John M.           Daniel C.
Matt L. Matt F.
Andrew S. Joe R.
Thomas E. Alex L.
Patrick C. Shane M.
Frank F. David M.
Blaine J. Jon L.
Matt G.Sean D.
Steven E.Ian M.
Alex E.Mike B.
Cory S.

Halloween Hayride

Halloween Hayride at
Mr. Wadells Farm

October - Date TBD


Nov - Pine Tree / Roosevelt

Fishing Trip / Advancement

Nov 14-16
Tents or Adirondacks

Brush up on your first aid
fishing hook injuries :-)

Fishing Trip Permission Slip


Dec - Bull Mountain

Camp Rodney - Dec 5-7
Cabin with wood heat

Know your map & compass
Advancement - night time navigation

Camp Rodney Permission Slip


Jan - Klondike Derby

Klondike Derby - Jan 23-25

White Horse District
Tent camping

You know you enjoy cold weather camping

Attendance at Klondike is a prerequisite to attend the winter sports trip

Klondike Derby Permission Slip

Feb - Ski, Board & Tube

Camp NoBeBoSco - Feb 13-15

Alpine Mountain - Winter Sports
Cabin camping

Know wilderness First Aid
Know how to attend to arm and leg injuries

Winter Sports Permission Slip

P.S.  Yes we have the nice cabin


Pack 184 Webelo Crossover

Pack 184 Crossover

Arrive @ Union Valley 6:45

Class A Uniform

March 2015


Mar - Batona

Apple Pie Hill

Batona Trail 

Mar 20-22


Apr - Highland Games

Highland Games

White Horse District Event

Pine Hill

April 2015

May - Ockanickon


Fish, hike, advancement, whatever

May 2015




Memorial Day Services

May 25, 2015
Erial Cemetary @ 9:30
Class A Uniform




Summer Camp






Scoutmasters Corner

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and above all - don't let anyone limit your dreams.

Mr. Ersing



Green Bar

Scouts with the following positions are required to attend Green Bar:
Senior Patrol Leader
Asst. Senior Patrol Leaders
Patrol Leaders
Assistant Patrol Leaders

ATTN: Life Scouts

Life for life?

than your task
All Day
Every Day


Click -  Eagle Project Book


Need a little help

The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side :-) 

Committee - All parents are encouraged to participate.  

Fundraising Committee - seats available

Email The Scoutmaster

Thank You,
Mr. Ersing


A Scout is Thrifty

Second hand scout uniforms for sale
Pants $10
Class A Shirts $10
Shorts $8

New Class B Uniforms
T-shirts- $10 / 3 for $25
Sweatshirts $13 (2x 3x add $1)
Hoodies- $20
Polo's - $20

You can also get troop credit for turning in the same...

Contact Mrs. Dettrey: mailto:ddettrey@comcast.net